Press Coverage

Mercury News “Director Alan Berg does a particularly good job in making the case that SXSW could only have been born in mid-’80s Austin…”

SXSW “Four guys living on next to nothing created a music event…”

Crave “‘…I’ve got to have editorial independence because it doesn’t do either of us any good for me to do a vanity piece.’ So they agreed to that and gave me the latitude but I honestly didn’t know how they were going to react to the criticism,” said Berg.

CBC Austin was a ghost town during spring break, it made clubs receptive to the idea…

A.V. Club Mojo Nixon (who ought to be a talking head in every documentary, regardless of the subject)…Outside Industry manages to convey a balanced view of SXSW’s oft-contentious relationship to its host city, even delving into the unpleasant strong-arm tactics the festival has employed in recent years to combat the “parasitic” day parties and alternate venues.”

WIRED/WIRED UK “Outside Industry recounts the story of SXSW’s ‘sell out’”

IFC Matt Singer, on-air host of IFC, interviews Alan Berg about the doc. “You don’t work for SXSW, you’re an outsider yourself…”

KVUE “I was here when it began. I watched it grow.”

The Wall Street Journal “Berg and his team worked in conjunction with the Austin History Center to plow though two-and-a-half decades of archival film, video, and print coverage…”

Playback: STL “This film should be required viewing for aspiring documentarians…”

The Austinist “From meager beginnings to rapid success (and the inevitable backlash)…”

IndieWIRE “Over 15 years in the making…”

Moviefone “Film and music…overlap like never before.”

Austin Chronicle “Best to start, I decided, with the reflective circularity itself, with the whole tangled web of murky interpersonal/business/journalistic relations and barters that has been around in some form or another since the birth of the Chronicle…”

HeyUGuys “This seems like the quintessential film for Music Festival goers at SXSW.”

American Songwriter Footage from the cinematographer Lee Daniels (Slacker, Dazed And Confused), “just sets the scene from Austin in the early ’80s,” says Berg.

Moving Pictures The opening words of “Outside Industry” speak volumes about the role SXSW has played in being defined by, and in turn defining, the culture of this one small part of the huge state of Texas:

Badass Digest “…it’s hard to imagine that this was once a ragtag operation intended to get some cool bands to come to Austin.”

Austin Daze Roland Swenson: “Alan Berg and his crew found footage we didn’t know existed.”

KUT “In its 25th year, South By Southwest has, undeniably, made it big.”

Culture Map: Houston “The South by Southwest music conference began by capitalizing on the outsiders: The bands beyond New York, L.A., and Nashville who were poor, talented, and dedicated to having the time of their lives.”

New York Times: Arts Beat “I’ve been to the great majority of SXSW music festivals, about 20 of them, and I’m not the only one for whom the anniversary has spurred some reflection.”

Variety “Wednesday’s world preem of “Outside Industry,” Alan Berg’s behind-the-scenes feature docu about the scrappy origins of the SXSW music fest, attracted a lively hometown crowd.”